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Eastern N. Atlantic inc UK inshore.



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Welcome to the Weather Page. We provide a 24hr weather information service from various published sources for British, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean waters. Most links will be direct to the relevant page of the various Meteorological Services, keeping you as up to date as possible. The item selected will open in a new page. We hope to provided a list of radio frequencies and times of weather broadcasts including voice, Navtex and facsimile.

Whilst cruising it was found that often broadcast times were changed and other local services found. If you find a good source of information on your travels or find details have changed, please let us know so that the list may be corrected.

Finally, If you feel that there is other information you would like, please Email us and we will see what we can do.

NOTE: Whilst all effort is made by those concerned to make the information as accurate as possible, no responsibility can be taken for errors made, or the results of any action taken, whilst using this information.

Remember your computer stores the pages you look at in a temporary file. What this means is, if you regularly check say 'weather', your computer can show you the 'stored ' page and not the latest. If the chart, forecast or what ever, appears old or has an old date on it you will need to press "Refresh" to get the latest page.

Alternatively with Internet Explorer goto tools - internet options - general - temporary internet files - settings - check for newer versions of stored page and click on "every visit to page"